Nick Batty


I believe people deserve to be happy, feel good within themselves, and lead functional, productive lives regardless of their background or adversities they face. I understand this may be confronting and challenging and I work hard with my clients in exploring deep values and finding inner motivation. I gain immense satisfaction when clients achieve their potential, recover from mental health concerns, find the courage to deal with past trauma, or make positive life changes.

I have always had a strong interest in human behavior, and in 2013 I followed my passion and commenced the pathway to become a Psychologist.
I am blessed to be happily married with a beautiful family and I draw on those experiences in connecting with the joys and stresses of moving through the demographics of life. Being a male clinician and role model has been valuable in providing services in areas such as behaviour/emotional issues in male teens, raising boys, fatherhood, relationships and manhood.

I am skilled and experienced in providing a full range of recovery oriented therapeutic services that are strength based and trauma informed to people of all ages presenting with a range of mental health concerns. I utilise a wide range of treatment methodologies including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Motivational Interviewing,Mindfulness, Drug and Alcohol counselling, and Social Skills Development.

I have a positive, empathetic, collaborative, and client-centred approach to psychological treatment. My focus is on ensuring that any treatment is individualised to suit the client which is aimed to promote functional, psychological, and social independence for the individual within all aspects of their life.

I offer services in the following areas:

– Adjustment issues
– Addiction/Substance Abuse
– Anger
– Anxiety
– Depression
– Grief and Loss
– Interpersonal/Relationship difficulties
– Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders
– Oppositional Behaviour
– Panic Attacks
– Personality Disorders
– School/Work issues
– Specific Phobias
– Suicidal Thoughts and Self-Harm
– Trauma and Stress Related Disorders
– Vocational Redirection

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