Volunteering – Soul Food

Volunteering-at-Kookaburra-Kids-300x199I recently volunteered for the Australian Kookaburra Kids Foundation, at one of their weekend camps. I feel compelled to share my experience, and encourage others to get involved in volunteering (if you are not already!).

The ‘Kookaburra Kids’ foundation runs camps and fun days for kids and teens living in families affected by mental illness. The main aim is for the kids to have lots of fun and try new things (like canoeing, cooking or archery). The other important aim is help the kids become more resilient through sharing their stories about dealing with mental illness, and learning ways to cope and seek support.

I have been volunteering with Kookaburra Kids for many years now, and I never stop feeling moved and enriched by attending these weekends. For me the fulfillment comes in many different forms. It may be as small as watching the kids smile or laugh, or as big as identifying neglect and abuse and making sure the kids are safe when they go home after camp. I also get a great sense of belonging being part of such a dedicated team of volunteers who attend the camps – whether they come once only, or they are there year in, year out.

One of the greatest things about volunteering is that so many people benefit and everyone is a winner. Essentially you are providing a much needed service, and support to people and organizations who would not survive without your generosity and kind heartedness. As an individual, you can feel fulfilled by contributing to your own society, and as they say ‘give something back’. The opportunities to volunteer are endless, and can relate to what issues or causes are important to you.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Australian Kookaburra Kids Foundation, or becoming a volunteer, visit their website. It is such a warm and welcoming organisation to be a part of, and volunteers are able to have flexibility with their level of involvement.

So get moving! Decide how you will enrich your life.