Self Esteem

What is low self-esteem?

The term ‘self-esteem’ basically refers to our general opinion of ourselves, how we judge or evaluate ourselves, and the value we attach to ourselves as people. It may be experienced as a lack of confidence, a fear of failure, or self-doubt. Whatever form it comes in, the chances are that it has come at a cost in some way.

Take a moment to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What have I missed out on or not done because I haven’t felt confident enough?
  • What opportunities have I lost because of a low self-esteem?
  • In what ways has low self-esteem held me back?

We can probably all admit we’ve had moments of feeling uncertain about ourselves, doubting our abilities, or had negative thoughts about ourselves. However, for some, this may be an ongoing battle.

What are the effects of low self-esteem?

Low self-esteem can impact many aspects of a person’s life.


They might often feel sad, anxious, guilty, frustrated or angry.


Our beliefs in ourselves can impact upon our ability to perform at work, for example, someone may achieve less than they are capable of because they believe that they are less capable than others. Or perhaps someone works really hard and pushes themselves because they believe they lack in skill.


People with low self-esteem could become upset or distressed by any criticism, may bend over backwards to please others or even withdraw from intimacy or social contact. They may also find it difficult to be assertive in their relationships.


Having low self-esteem may restrict people from engaging in recreational activities as they might not believe that they deserve to have fun. Or perhaps they avoid activities competitive sports/activities as they feel they may be judged.

Low self-esteem can also be a symptom

Low self-esteem can result from other problems. It can result from difficult and stressful life events such as persistent illness, relationship difficulties, or a problematic situation that is difficult to solve. Sometimes when a problem is prolonged or difficult to solve, people can become discouraged. If this happens, a person’s’ self-confidence can be impacted and can result in low self-esteem developing.

What can be done?

Although we all have times when we feel uncertain about ourselves, lack self-confidence, or doubts our own abilities, you don’t have to struggle through them alone. Life & Mind Psychology has experts who are trained in this area and are willing to help you live a life to your full potential. If this resonates with you, give us a call on (02) 8559 0704.

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