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Life & Mind Psychology offer experienced Counsellors to help you with any relationship issues you are facing.

Below is a list of issues we can assist you with. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Relationships can be one of the most enriching, joyful and rewarding experiences in life.

They can also be quite challenging. Whether you have particular challenges you are facing, or you want to double check your relationship has the key ingredients to living a full and happy life together, coming to therapy can be a positive step towards looking after your relationship.

Here are just some of the ways you and your partner can benefit from working with a therapist:

  • General relationship or couples counselling
  • Marriage counselling
  • Pre-marriage counselling
  • Parenting issues
  • Dealing with affairs
  • Improve communication
  • Manage arguments or conflict
  • Separation counselling
  • Resolving past issues
  • Gaining a better understanding of each other
  • Discuss future goals
  • Renew common interests
  • Spend more time together
  • Balance self-care with the demands of family life and relationship time
  • Increase intimacy and joy
  • Have more fun together!!

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Marriage Counselling in Sutherland Shire

When you meet someone and you fall in love, everything in your world appears to have a silver lining. While some relationships are short lived, others progress onto marriage. It is in marriage and long term relationships, that the bonds between two people are strengthened and solidified.

Sometimes there are a few bumps along the marital road. Feelings of disconnection, incompatibility and frustration often arise due to various factors, particularly financial stress, differing long-term goals, work commitments and even other people.

Marriage is usually entered into with the intention of it lasting. Not dealing with your feelings or those of your spouse will undoubtedly cause problems at some point in the future, including separation or divorce.

It’s never too late to save a marriage if both of you are willing to work things out. Talking to one of our Clinical Psychologists will help you identify any marital issues, and develop a plan for taking on the future, together. Even if you are unsure of your future together, therapy can help you work this out too.

Our Sutherland Shire office is conveniently located in Miranda.