Everybody has things that they don’t want to do. From studying to doing the increasing pile of laundry, or even dealing with an emotionally difficult issue, procrastination permeates everyday life.

Whenever we are faced with a seemingly boring, painful or repetitive task we instinctively push it to one side to be dealt with later. After all, who wants to be doing those sorts of things all the time? The problem for most people is we keep pushing things away and delaying doing whatever it is that we don’t want to do – and this can become increasingly problematic in other areas of our life.

Procrastinating doesn’t get rid of the problem – it only makes you think that the problem has gone away. In reality the problem is still there waiting for attention.

Finding the motivation to do things, as well as breaking the procrastination habit, is something you can discuss with one of our Clinical Psychologists. We will help you deal with the underlying reason behind your procrastinating, as well as assisting you to develop personalised strategies to help you get through your ‘to-do’ list.

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