Alcohol & Drug Problems

Drinking and using drugs are seen as popular and common activities. Whether it is sharing a bottle of wine over a meal, going out for a drink with friends, festive occasions like a wedding or Christmas lunch, or staying up all night dancing. It is often hard to know when you have crossed the line from social use, to problem use.

Do you ever wish you had five less drinks? Or that you had gone out drinking once on the weekend instead of drinking three nights in a row? Perhaps you feel ashamed after you drink or take drugs? Maybe your partner or family have noticed and have asked you to cut back?

Alcohol & drug problems have become one of society’s biggest and most costly problems. It can lead to problems with mood, health and lifestyle, not to mention how it might affect the people around you. It can spill into your work life making you late for work, or calling in sick a lot. Intoxication can lead to making poor decisions and neglecting your safety. Have you ever felt embarrassed about your behaviour the day after? Do you worry that you don’t even remember what happened?

These are all very common experiences with drugs and alcohol, and they are also problems you can deal with or change.

If your drinking or drug use is causing problems in your life, then you have an alcohol & drug problem.

Do you dream about being able to have a couple of social drinks instead of writing yourself off? Or perhaps you’d love to be able to wind down at the end of each day without grabbing for that bottle of wine in the fridge?

Talking to a trained Clinical Psychologist can teach you how to set limits on the amount of drugs and alcohol you use. You can also learn less destructive and more helpful ways to wind down at the end of each day, and manage stress or your mood.

Getting help means life can become easier to manage, as well as more fun!

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