Anger Management

Do you lash out at people around you? Ever yelled at someone, then wish you bit your tongue? You are not alone. Having difficulty managing anger is very common, and it can cause unnecessary suffering.

How do anger problems develop?

Problems with anger can develop when we feel overwhelmed by life’s demands such as finances, expecting too much of ourselves and others, or relationship problems. We can also behave aggressively when we don’t have a healthy work/life balance.

Road rage is a classic example of how people can become annoyed or frustrated by an everyday situation, and then lash out before thinking about the consequences of their actions.

What causes anger problems?

The first misconception is that anger itself is the problem, which leads people to either block the emotion, or avoid situations that may trigger their anger.

The problem is how we respond when we feel angry. Responding to anger in aggressive or unhelpful ways is a learnt behaviour that can be altered. And this can be achieved by learning more about our personal triggers, unhelpful thought patterns, and physical early warning signs like a racing heart, or a rush of adrenaline.

Anger is a healthy and empowering emotion, and it doesn’t have to lead to aggression.

By talking to a trained Clinical Psychologist, you can learn more effective ways to respond to your anger. Life will feel calmer, and your relationships will improve too!

It’s time to take control of your anger.

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