Stephanie Allen Interview in Retail Pharmacy Magazine

Puberty is a time of great change for preteens and teenagers. Supporting the emotional and physical health of these young people through this difficult time can be a struggle, but there are many great resources available to help.

In this article, Stephanie Allen of Life & Mind Psychology is interviewed on the subject of puberty — specifically, on how pharmacies can be friendly and healthy places for teenagers.

Young people may end up at a pharmacy for a range of reasons, some healthy and good and others destructive. While one patient may have a legitimate need for a prescription drug for acne or mental health issues, another may be abusing drugs or using a prescription to cover up serious unaddressed issues.

Common issues that may come up for teenagers include sexual health and contraception, skin care, mental health problems, drug abuse, diet and body image issues, sleep problems, and issues around exercise.

These issues will vary from place to place, but no matter where you practice, your pharmacy can do things in a way that supports teenagers in your community. For recommendations on how pharmacists can provide support and spot warning signs when teenagers come into the pharmacy, download the full article here